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The first thing that neighbors and guests usually see when viewing a home is the driveway. It is a major influence on that important ‘first impression’ and can diminish the value of a home if it is unsightly. Imagine if it actually added to the value of a home, though. One of our services, the driveway, is an important feature that can add to the landscape and overall look of the house. Since it is driven on every day, it must also be very durable and easy to maintain.

Stone Classic

In the past, the only way to improve an unsightly driveway was to pull up the concrete and start over by repouring new cement. Now, the modern homeowner is often able to resurface a concrete driveway with a very durable polymer-based coating or overlay without breaking the bank. The options for overlaying and resurfacing concrete driveways are limitless and consumers can now accommodate their individual needs and desires.  Remember, the most important decision when decorating a driveway is to choose the highest quality materials while considering the budget and design goals.

The material that can be selected for the driveway also must be heavy-duty enough to resist tire marks, oil drips, and deicing chemicals. This article will be referring to concrete overlays, which is different than stamped concrete which is also popular.

Although most of the driveway overlays are basically the same chemicals, some have different consistencies and durability traits. Ultimately, the decisions will depend on the look that the homeowner is going for and how it fits with the appearance of the house and landscaping. For instance, the color may complement the brick – or a plain home may want a more complex design on the driveway.  The sky is the limit on design options as there are many patterns to choose from, as well as colors.

F-1 Low Odor

One of the most interesting and unique ways to provide a design focal point to your home and to have a welcoming appearance to guest is to decorate the driveway.  It can also make the house stand out as uniquely appealing in a neighborhood. At Woodlands Decorative Concrete, whether the desired design is simple or more highly patterned, the overall look and curb appeal of the home can be uplifted by decorating the typically boring driveway. 

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