Got ugly concrete?

Almost all of you who are reading this blog have some concrete in your home or business – and are likely thinking about ways to improve its look..  I’ll bet you’re thinking that it’s either boring or downright ugly.

It is common for homeowners to take their concrete floors for granted and not find ways to add beauty or customizations.

But wait. There is a less drastic solution to this problem!

There are ways to cover up imperfections and give your driveway, patio, or walkway a facelift without the expense of demolition.

A decorative concrete overlay can help you update and renovate the look of your home for less money than it would cost to remove and replace your existing concrete..There are more choices than you can possibly imagine.

With so many different options available, there is a high-quality overlay that will fit your needs and you’ll love it!

You may think overlays are a new invention, but they’ve been around for decades.. Over recent years research and development of the chemical processes have evolved considerably, with today’s systems that blend polymer resins blending with cement to improve durability and performance.. Decorative trends and styles have evolved with the times, so you can attain that high-end look for a fraction of the price.. 

The process starts with an overlay of polymerized concrete, which will vary depending on how “thick” you want it to be. A properly prepared cement and carefully applied overlay will bond well and resist UV exposure, salt, chemicals, freeze-thaw conditions, or abrasions. Concrete lasts a long time, but it can start to fade and get worn if you don’t reapply a sealer periodically.

There are different overlay systems available, but they all offer the same performance benefits. The concrete overlay manufacturers use various types of polymer resins to generate products with different physical properties. Enhance the bond strength and UV resistance of overlays with an acrylic or acrylic blend. For instance, Woodlands Decorative Concrete of Southeast Texas is a certified dealer for some of the most sturdy products from Concrete Technology Inc.

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Are you hesitant to tear up concrete because of the mess or chaos it would add? A decorative overlay can be applied with little downtime. The installation of an overlay will depend on how well the adhesive bonds with the concrete and can take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days depending on certain variables. It is advised that a driveway supporting vehicles or machinery be allowed 5 to 7 days to cure. (To clarify – there are polyaspartic sealers primarily used in garages and commercially that can be ready for traffic within 24 hours, but that is a different article). Total downtime will vary depending on what you need to have happened, but the installer will run through your specific requirements before starting the job.

The biggest advantage to an overlay is that it can save you a lot of money compared to replacing your existing concrete. Adding special textures, logos, cuts, or decorative looks to the design raises the price considerably.

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