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Decorative Concrete Tomball

Decorative Concrete Tomball is one of the most flexible and durable construction materials available. It can be used indoors and outdoors and offers custom design options that transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing works of art. When it comes to concrete, dull and boring does not have to be the norm. There is an art form to transforming the appearance of concrete and making it into a thing of beauty.

Concrete Is a Medium That Allows for All Types of Finished Looks

Many home and business owners are surprised to learn about the concrete craft and how it can redefine the boring look of plain gray concrete. With the right skills and tools, a decorative concrete contractor can create stunning looks and multiple designs in concrete. Not only does Tomball Decorative Concrete design amazing flooring, walkway, and patio designs, but it is a concrete coating company that also uses productsHallmark, Acrylistain, F-1 Low Odor, Stone Classic, Reflective Flooring, and EuroBond that protect concrete from the destructive elements that can lead to further damage.

Concrete Flooring Can Last a Lifetime

When home and business owners choose concrete flooring, they are making an investment that can last a lifetime. A sealed and properly maintained concrete floor can last forever. A concrete sealant is vital for ensuring a floor will continue to look amazing and remain a long standing asset to your home or business. Using specialized products,  contractors cover existing concrete flooring, with the ability to create a range of designs. This product has transformed the decorative concrete industry, allowing for the highest level of protection from having to do future concrete restoration because the cement floor or patio was not sealed properly.

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Existing Concrete Can Come ALIVE with Overlays

Pool Decks

First, the existing concrete must be resurfaced to repair any cracks, spalling, or other types of damage. With concrete resurfacing, the concrete is made smooth and durable so that the overlay can be applied. A thin layer of colored concrete is applied to the existing material after concrete resurfacing has removed the rough spots that are damaged. Once in place, the walkway, floor, pool deck, or patio becomes a work of art.

A simple concrete slab can be made into a home or business floor with beautiful concrete surfacing services. There are many types of decorative concrete refinishing elements that can be introduced with overlays, staining, and coatings. With cement overlays and other design elements, minor concrete imperfections can be disguised, so the flooring or patio comes to life due to decorative concrete refinishing.

Concrete Sealants Are Essential for Substantial Protection

Because concrete is a naturally porous material, it must always be protected. With the proper sealant, a strong level of protection will be put in place, so the concrete becomes impenetrable. These coatings have been used since the early 20th century but through research and chemical engineering, have progressively become more durable and attractive.  For instance, the driveway of a home or business takes on a lot of abuse. Being exposed to the elements 24/7 and supporting the weight of vehicles can take its toll on this material. Even though concrete is exceptionally durable, it can suffer damage over the years. Sealing a concrete driveway helps to keep it protected against a wide array of damages that can lead to destruction. Home and business owners can choose to have a simple clear coat put in place, or they can have their driveway wholly transformed into a beautiful design element that makes their home look more attractive and appealing.


Indoor surfaces can take on extreme wear-and-tear, especially in areas such as garages, laboratories, dining areas, and shops. it is highly recommended that the polymer sealants be polyaspartic coatings dry , as these specialized coatings dry quickly and are the hardest available in the industry. Many customers prefer this medium because of the quick drying speed. It is also ideal for areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture. Polyaspartic coatings makes a perfect garage sealant because of its durability, stain-resistance, and high level of protection. These high-quality coatings can be applied over painted concrete, and they retain their shine, creating a beautiful and lasting finish for all types of concrete floor applications.

Concrete Stains Become a Permanent Part of the Concrete

Traditionally, designers and contractors were limited to earth-toned shades because they only had access to acid-based chemicals. Today, there are a host of color options because decorative concrete contractors have access to solvent and water-based dyes, which allow them to create a rainbow of colors, including soft pastels and bright reds and oranges.
Because concrete is porous, it absorbs anything that is applied to its surface area. Using concrete stains makes them become a permanent part of the concrete, therefore, the design never fades from view. What is truly amazing about concrete acid stain is their translucent properties. The porous concrete material absorbs the dye, creating a unique look. Even if the same stains are used on multiple concrete slabs, no two will look alike.
Concrete staining involves four integral steps that bring the patio, walkway, flooring, or driveway back to life. Expertly applied stains require the following steps: 1) The surface must be properly prepped and cleaned. 2) Then comes the application of the concrete stain. 3) Cleanup and the neutralization of the acids in the stains, and finally – 4) Sealing the concrete is a final and most vital step in the application process.

Epoxy Overlays are Essential for Indoor Floors


There are many areas of the home, such as garage flooring, that take on a lot of abuse over the years. They are exposed to colder temperatures and fluctuations that can lead to concrete damages. They can also become stained due to vehicle fluid leaks and spills. Just because the flooring is located in a garage does not mean that it has to remain stained and ugly. There are many reasons owners choose to seek professional installers for an epoxy garage coating. Being aware of the benefits will help home, and commercial building owners make the right coating decision for their garage, shop, salon, laboratory, or restaurant floor protection.

With epoxy floors:

  • Coatings add a secure layer of protection that helps to prevent the concrete flooring from becoming damaged or stained over the years. With an epoxy coating in place, the protection will last for many years.
  • Dropped tools and equipment often cause impact damage to a concrete floor, making it look less attractive. Because epoxy coatings are impact-resistant, flooring stays looking beautiful, even when drops occur.
  • Although it cannot cover concrete structural damage, epoxycoatings help to cover up minor imperfections and flaws that prevent a floor from looking its best. There are all types of design elements that can be added, and contractors can even use textured microtoppings to increase the slip-resistance of the flooring.
  • Concrete that has been coated with a special coating of durable epoxy is safer than traditional flooring options. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types at home and on the job.  Keeping family, customers, guests or employees, safer with the right floor coatings.
  • Once a floor is fully coated with epoxy, it becomes a breeze to clean. Oil, cleaners, grime, and vehicle fluids will not penetrate the protective layers, so it will be easier to clean than ever before. With this floor coating in place, it is easy to clean with a simple spray by a water hose.

It Takes an Artistic Approach

When it comes to creating a decorative concrete driveway, artistic innovation is a must. The sky is limit to the types of designs, and even staining alone can bring about significant changes to the appearance of the concrete.   One way to add depth and beauty to a simple concrete slab is to use a microtopping overlay. Microtoppings add an attractive architectural design to any concrete, and they can be used indoors or outdoors and are highly versatile. They can be applied in layers and different thicknesses, depending on the type of concrete application that is being treated.
Whether individuals want to transform their patios, flooring, or driveways, microtoppings offer an infinite number of colors, designs, and texture options.

Reflective Flooring

With these applications, concrete flooring can become a work of art that stays looking beautiful for many years to come.

​Concrete Design Is Best Left to the Professionals

While there are undoubtedly DIY kits that home and business owners can purchase, it is best to rely on trained professionals for these services. Staining, coating, and overlaying concrete are not easy processes to apply and should never be approached by novices. The result will likely be lackluster at best, and a total disaster can occur causing expensive re-work. A concrete designer is a highly skilled contractor who brings a unique artistic approach to each project. From start to finish, these experts work to transform the basic material of humble concrete and make it into something that pleases the eye with depth and beauty.  In the end,  relying on the professionals ensures the outcome will far exceed the expectations of the owner, making concrete transformations of flooring, walkways, and driveways more attractive than ever thought possible. 

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