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Enjoy the luxurious look of marble or granite without replacing your existing countertops. With a custom granite or marble countertop you can wait weeks, or longer, before it’s finally installed and ready to use. But with Eurobond one of our cti products, an average kitchen can be prepped and finished within a few days.

Create the look you’ve always wanted through this Eurobond system. Eurobond system gives you decorating versatility that you simply can’t get with most countertop surfaces as it offers dozens of styles and an unlimited pallet. Precisely match your color scheme and choose the look that will complement your kitchens décor. Eurobond can even be applied to floors are used as your backsplash for a total coordinated look.  With Woodlands Decorative Concrete, a safe, durable easy-to- clean surface, anti-macrobial Eurobond helps prevent bacteria, stands up to most kitchen cleaners and household chemicals, as well as resisting normal wear and tear.

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